I have had a recipe for these pretzel rolls for forever. Pretzels are a gift, and a simple thing that can be screwed up royally when attempted by the wrong hands, which might explain my procrastination.  I hate making sub-par things. I was intimidated.

I am starting culinary school in January, and at the school’s Octoberfest-themed open house (and I use the term Octoberfest lightly), they served a bread-like substance they called a pretzel. Nailed the veal schnitzel, but flour, water, and salt seemed to prove more of a challenge for the people who are to train me. Or maybe they were made by students. Either way, they passed inspection, and were yuckin’ up my mouth for an obligatory two bites. One to try, one to make sure it knows I gave it a chance.

As fate would have it, a trip to the Whole Foods near my house that I had yet to visit, even though it’s been open for a while, yielded pretzel rolls! I swear were gold rays were shining from that bread case.

A side note on Whole Foods: years ago I was a junkie, then it became entirely too expensive, then I sold my car, then their pre-made food got less good. So the two of us did that kind of slow break up thing where you know it’s over, but it drags on and on, enticing you with its superb meat selection and your favorite jam. Wait, yeah that works. So, while the negatives didn’t stop me from getting an entire pre-Thanksgiving dinner crammed into a waxed, earth-friendly percentage of recycled material-cardboard box, turkey leg included, I will not be spending a small fortune only to come home with cheese, beer, and some frozen chicken tenders.

I toasted these puppies in the oven, added some black forest ham, Comte, and a spread of mayo and garlic mustard. Then meat, cheese, and pretzel roll became one in the oven.

I will be doing a series of sandwiches on pretzel rolls. Yes, they are that good. Up next: cheesesteak with  homemade cheese wiz. That’s right, the addicting, glorious, never-have-enough-even-if-you-get-an-extra-side-cheese you get with nachos, you dip in fries, and that I have bought in a gallon can. Now with cheese! And of course the rolls from scratch.

One more 😉