“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.”
— Mark Twain

Awards are fantastic, but awards from interesting people are even better. Eileen from The Joy of Caking was swell enough to give me this award, along with 14 other lovelies.  Eileen has one of the few food blogs that is never boring. She has a great flow to her subjects. It’s not just recipe, recipe, recipe. She incorporates non-food related things into her blog with grace. She seems genuinely interested in her blog, and her readers, which you might think, well of course, but this is not always the case. Go check out her blog, I am sure you’ll see what I’m talking about. And now for my lovelies:

Sommer at A Spicy Perspective

Monet at Anecdotes and Apples

Whit at Amuse Bouche

Denise at Quickies on the Dinner Table

Angie at Angie’s Recipes

Liv at Egg Wan’s Eastern  Food Odyssey

Billie-Jean at Cook Eat Love

Don at Sortachef /Woodfired Kitchen

Violet at The Hunger

Gracie at La Mia Vita Dolce-My Sweet Life

Evelyn at Cheap Ethnic Eatz

Carolyn at All Day I Dream About Food

Marija at Palachinka

Yes, you counted correctly. There are only 13 blogs above. My last two I will not be sending to the owners. Why you ask? I remember awhile back giving an award to a couple of people who never responded. They checked my site, but I guess they just weren’t interested. I then realized maybe some reach a blogging fame and feel that they are above gestures like awards.

As I was writing this, I wondered how big/successful does a blog have to be to be too big to get an award like this? When does one reach that level where participation in awards like this are no longer on their radar? I would love to know what you think.