I found this old post and am not sure who or when it was from, but I thought I would go ahead and post it anyway. If you are reading this give yourself an award. We all go unrecognized for something we said or did.

I am guilty of not always staying caught up on my reading and commenting, and then reading and not commenting like I want to, but I have put much effort into this lately and have been doing better. If someone takes the time to share his/her thoughts with the world, the least I can do is give props for making my day better. So, if you get a comment from me, it’s from the heart. I read your words, not just skimmed them, and appreciate the time you took.

The requirements are:

a) I must brag about it.
b) Display  the badge on my blog and link  to the one who tagged me to prove that I didn’t tag myself (how pathetic that would be!)
c) I share 10 things about myself.
d) pass the award to other fellow bloggers by visiting their site.

I am listening to Miles Davis’s “Bitches Brew” for the 5th or so time, and still liking it, but don’t get the loving it. It’s a concept album with no concept. I digress. Love from food people! As usual, we are supposed to write ten things about ourselves. Instead I thought I would write a list of 10 things that put a kink in my chain.

I was a blogging virgin, and was welcomed like Lolita, but I have weird quirks about whose food writing I give my utmost attention and loving to. There are so many people cooking and sharing I needed to find a way to dwindle them down into a readable existence. Here’s my list of neuroses that I completely compromise on when you take the cake, and these things don’t even enter my mind, ’cause you are doing such a good job at being a person.

1. I hate kids. Hate is a strong word. Kids are not my favorite thing. Most of them are like parking tickets, eventually there will be one in your glove compartment, and one day you will have to deal with it. Wait, no. Well you get my point. I don’t hate kids, I just don’t want to read about them on food blogs all the time. I don’t like when people refer to themselves as “mommy” only. You are more than that. It’s okay to mention your kids, all the time in fact, but don’t forget to mention other things other than being a mom. I get the mommy food blog thing, but when you go full force with the pink and stuff, that appeals to mostly other mothers, not me, and you might have more than that to offer. I have fallen in love with mum, and pretty much instantly like someone more when they say it. See how the rules change.

2. I hate blank free. I feel for the gluten intolerant, I do, but if it is just a choice, it’s kind of a punch in the face to the person who would give their soul for a piece of bread; circumstances exist: I would just rather exist in a world of moderation, not exclusion. If you are writing about restriction it should be because of allergies or an illness, not because you weigh 100 pounds and still have a bad body image.

3. Cats! I love Peaches. See how right there you were like, Peaches who? That’s because I don’t use my cat’s face as a profile picture. I am not putting this past me, but it won’t be for more than two days. When I sober up and realize, my cat is cute, other people have cats, their cats are also cute, well, I will take it down in some kind of low-level shame fashion. Unless your cat is the one cooking, it shouldn’t have a profile picture. And please stop putting hats and other accessories on them.

4. Don’t use the word cholesterol anywhere in your blog unless you are being facetious. It’s a downer. I don’t want to live in precaution.  It takes enjoyment out of food when there is a warning about it. Jim and I made a deal to die when we are 60, so we don’t  have to deteriorate, even though my mom is a ridiculous 50, and doesn’t take a lick of care of herself. Seriously, stop watching the Today Show with such intensity. Enjoy Ann Currie with a naive heart, go get an over-priced thing to make you feel better, and pretend.

5. I take  what I consider mediocre photos, but get peeved when crap photos get play. I said it. I wish the patience to read my manual and then practice what I learned in said manual came along with the eye. Or no one could spend more than $300 on a camera.

At this point you either stopped reading, or you relate, at least a little bit.

6. I have yet to come to term with vegans. There, I said it. I don’t trust a person who can’t enjoy an English Farmhouse cheddar.

7. People who obsessively run and write a food blog. Sometimes combining running with food to make a frun blog. I don’t just mean run run, I mean marathon run. If one cares about how they look and feel enough to run, they are not going to be willy-nilly popping half a package of Chips Ahoy in their mouths. This I can relate to. I get the indulging, and then taking care of yourself argument. I am not part of this camp yet, but I get it. But seriously people, how excited am I supposed to get about your banana bread when your whole post was about your running schedule, and what gross healthy bi-color thing you ate for dinner. This being said, I got one of my favorite chocolate chip cookies from a runner. She was on hiatus I think. Maybe I just can’t relate to this because I have been blessed with a friendly metabolism. Let’s just say in high school girls would watch me eat 2 Snickers as a snack with frustrated eyes. If you are obsessed with food, there is no time for exercise.

8. Do not refer to yourself in third person.

9. Don’t say something is oven- fried.  fried: v. To cook food in hot fat over moderate to high heat. DEEP-FRIED food is submerged in hot, liquid fat. Frying (also called pan frying ) or SAUTÉING refers to cooking food in a lesser amount of fat, which doesn’t cover the food. There is little difference in these two terms, though sautéing is often thought of as using less fat and being the faster of the two methods.

Putting fish on an oiled pan in the oven does not constitute frying. It’s baking.

10. Saying a recipe is adapted when you just copied word-for-word a recipe from someone else.


adjective: changed in order to improve or made more fit for a particular purpose

For good measure, a bonus pas.

11. Changing c’s to k’s. It’s cookie, not kookie.