I hope I can post my July/August food fun in this crux of fall and keep a little of the summer feel. I’ll set the stage. Preheat your oven to 325*, open the door, now stand in front of it while you read my next few posts. I can’t give you smell o’vision, so heat o’ vision is the next best thing. Yeah, I said heat o’ vision. Unfortunately it works because it was so hot in Pennsylvania for a few days I couldn’t see straight.  But as disgusting as the sweet heat was, I managed to eat at my usual pace, except for maybe 3 days when it reached 110*. Then I ate a little less. The picture above is one of our many awesome thunderstorms. If any of you are thinking,  “You live in Seattle, what’s the big deal?” It’s different. Contrary to everyone’s belief, we get the same amount of rainfall in Seattle as a lot of cities, we just get more days. Which sucks.  It’s cold rain. Most of the time. Heat rain is different. It rules. And there is lightning. We don’t get a lot of lightning in Seattle. When I moved here I actually bought a cd of thunderstorm sounds to help me with my bout of homesickness. On this day we were headed for some barbecue at a place called Really Cooking in Dallas.

I will judge this based on barbecue, not on being located in Dallas, Pennsylvania. Baked beans were good, coleslaw was good. I am picky about my coleslaw. This was not soggy, or sweet (blehk Miracle Whip, you are no miracle). The cornbread was warm and cornbready on the inside, and crisp on the outside. Loved it. It didn’t even need extra butter. Sauce was very good, especially because I am a Carolina fan, but this wasn’t cloyingly sweet. The only problem I had was with the ribs. Or fabs as I called them. All fat, lil’ bit of rib. Chicken was fine. Even though the main left something to be desired, I would go back to this place. I think getting three sides down pat is equally as important as getting a main done perfectly. I’ll just order the chicken, or something else next time. Who knows, maybe I just got a bad rack.They also have extra sauce on the table, and their lemonade was delicious. Two more pluses.

Next up the Italian Special from Philadelphia Subs in Wilkes-Barre. Behold.

See how that looks like a hoagie on a plate? That is a platter. And if you notice, it is as big as the t.v. tray it is on. Wonderous.

Pepper ham, hard salami, pepperoni, capicola, provolone cheese, hot peppers, tomato, lettuce, oil and vinegar, Italian seasoning, on bread fresher than an adolescent boy at prom.

Washed down with this regional jewel.

It tastes like Orange Hi-C. We used to get them in school in addition to milk.

Wings! I will for sure do a post on only wings. They can’t be done justice here. But I will leave you here until next time, when I will be showing my love of Bazaars.