My chair in the kitchen. So comfy.

I wasn’t alone in thinking this was a strange leg of this race to food blogger bragging rights. I write a blog so that I don’t have to tell people why I am worth giving a readings chance to. If you find me and like me, hooray! If you find me and aren’t sure if you like me, and give me another chance, then I think you did the right thing. If you just didn’t vibe with me, no worries. I cannot be all things to all people. Which brings up one of the most important things about blogging.  Being yourself.  Use puns, use references that maybe everyone will not get, make up your own words (one of my favorites), don’t be afraid to get personal, but not too personal. I read a blog this week that mentions the author’s kid’s diaper. Need I say more, other than it was none to difficult to hit unsubscribe?

I am not blogging to make money, or to cater to what I have seen a hundred times: once the macaroon train came rolling in, it had oversold its tickets. It’s not the macaroon’s fault.  It was up to its blogger to make it interesting. I know pizza has been written about before, so I don’t write about it unless I can share something personal, or something that is interesting to me, or the best I’ve had. Something that 300 people didn’t already tell me. I confess I am not a macaroon fan, but I would have loved to see a post that changed my mind.  I like muffins with the best of them, but I won’t blog about them unless I have a little more to give than a recipe. Unless that recipe is special enough for just a recipe.  I mean knock your socks off muffin.

Strawberry muffins I made on Friday.

I never force a post. I don’t have a posting schedule, and for this I love my brain.  I know people have rules for themselves, and it works for them, but I have never been one to like rigid schedules. Writing this blog is always, fun, fulfilling, never stressful, and never feels like a chore. Some say when writing pretend you are writing to a specific person. I do, but not in the way I think they intended. I first write to myself, then maybe Jim and my mom, and the people who  like the way I wrote when I was writing to myself. So it’s basically to myself (because Jim is marrying me), my mom (she’s a good mom), and everybody else likes the real me. (Well, as close to the real me as you can get when you talk about food for the rest of the world to see.)  I have a dark sense of humor folks, and unless I can go in your fridge for a beer, I will show a little tact, and care.


you take my thoughts

to rest

I am fortunate to have a fiancée who loves food, and loves hearing about it, but if I didn’t have this blog he might forget I have other interests. Getting my thoughts onto screen helps me release some of the thousands of things in my mind that are battling for priority. I can’t possibly verbalize every thought I have about food, but I can write about at least some of them. Food is more than an afterthought for me. I never take it for granted.

I realized when I sat down to write this that most of what I had to say sounded like a love letter, so I decided to stay true to that form.

Dear The Lonely Radish,

You have taught me so many things about the world, other people, and most importantly myself. You have always had a positive impact on my life. You have kept me writing pretty regularly, which is something I have always yearned for. You also encourage my love for photography. We’ve been together less than a year, but I feel like old friends. I love traveling with you. I love staying up late with you. Not a day goes by that we don’t at least check in with each other. I now know no matter where I am, it will never be dull, as long as I have you to come home to. There is always something new to discover with you. With your guidance I have grown to appreciate learning from my mistakes. Although I have been lucky lately not to have made to many. We keep getting better and better together. I think you may be the one.




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