It’s cool enough to drink red wine again, although my migraines may disagree. There is a small animal flying around the room that others may say is a bug, and last night I finally baked something since I have been in the lovely Wyoming Valley. I made one pineapple-upside-cake that my mother loved but said hers rivaled, but that was for the shower so I don’t count that. I don’t know why I feel as guilty as I did when we were forced to go to confession in CCD class. We were 10. I probably confessed to drinking too much soda. I wasn’t joining a gang and robbing old ladies. The one good thing that came out of  confession was a fresh batch of sin to look forward to.  I confess. I love boxed-cake. Do you know what I love equally?  Rainbow chip frosting. I am not a fan of sprinkles, but let me tell you those wonderful melt-in-your-mouth white chocolate chips are heaven chips. They could school a sprinkle any day. I have tirelessly tried every gold, yellow, and white cake recipe I could get my hands and eyes on, and while I have found my perfect cake for strawberry shortcake (I prefer a soft cake to a biscuit. We grew up with those little sponge cakes they sold right along side the strawberries. Purists might turn their nose, but they are pretty tasty. Not as tasty as my homemade one, but they do in a pinch), a universal upside down cake recipe, and sheet cake recipe. I have yet to find that perfect lutescent base for chocolate frosting. Some people snub prepared foods, and I am one of them, but we all crave a little mass-produced something once in a while. Hi Mrs. Grass soup. Jello and boxed puddings are great to add to homemade baked goods, Knorr’s vegtable soup mix is the secret to the spinach dip recipe that everyone always raves about, which I stole from my mom, minus the water chestnuts, blehck, and I will always have a fondness for Campbell’s chicken noodle soup. I went to 1st and 2nd  grade precisely 103 feet from my house. Back then, you know the olden days, the eighties, we were allowed to go home for lunch. My Nanny would make me a grilled cheese (American), chicken noodle soup, pickle, and orange juice. I would watch Scrabble with Chuck Woolery, and return to school thinking I was the coolest kid in the world. And I was. She had so much to do, but still took the time to make me lunch. Everyday. While my mom and Poppy worked, we shared that hour, even though she was in the kitchen planning dinner, or doing one of the hundred other things she did to take care of us all. To this day it is still my favorite scheduled hour.

Chuck is most likely drunk, and I love how he reminds Sam he could have won if he didn’t suck. Classic Chuck.