Mhel at couldn’t have sent this sunshine at a better time. We are officially into the month of May, and my heat continues to be turned up to 70*.  Seattle has yet to get out of the 50’s, and if it doesn’t soon, pictures of warmth may be all that lifts me out of this cold rut. Thanks Mhel:)

My sunshine with a side of cloud awards go to:

Mo at– good sense of humor, never a bore

Liv at– happiness in a bowl, and on a plate

Rumana at– wish she had a restaurant in Seattle

Sarah at– I have wanted to do this for a while, but was discouraged by all the work involved. Thank you for doing it Sarah, now I just get to enjoy the process by reading yours:)

Anne at– describing someone as charming and French is kind of a cliche, but Anne really is. Her parents had a zeal for the U.S, which brings a mix of cultures together in a wonderful way.

Denise at– well, cuz she exists.

Pass this on to those who put a little sunshine in your day.

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