Denise Fletcher from Quickies on the Dinner Table, was kind enough to think of me when choosing only twelve blogs with which to share this award. I have only recently delved into this world, and it is as addicting as collecting the tiny figurines from the Red Rose tea boxes (which I heard that you now have to order and pay for shipping.) No more digging your little fingers to the bottom of the box, to pull out the pink bunny of which you already have two. But I digress. It is nice to be welcomed so quickly. There is a depth to Denise, and while some may get glimpses of this through her food knowledge sharing, I think I would find myself reading, and feeling the same way, if she wrote a blog about rocks. Denise, please do not write about rocks. I like your food, and your food pictures. One can only make rocks pose for pictures for so long before they start to get ornery. Then where would we be?

These are some of my current favorites that rarely, if ever, let me down.

Denise from Quickies at the Dinner Table – Denise writes with intelligence and humor. She is interesting, humble, calming, and takes great pictures. She also lives inconveniently far from good bread. I thought good bread was like people: everywhere, not a long bus ride away.  My heart goes out to you. That alone should get her a mention:)

Kirstin from It’s Not You, It’s Brie – Yes it’s about cheese, so I could stop there. Except Kirstin keeps it interesting and informative, and doesn’t pretend to know everything in the world, although she knows a whole lot. She shares others’ knowledge, which is very noble. The pictures are also stellar.

David from Groceteria – If you love food, you get the same feeling in the grocery store that a stereotyped women is rumored to get in the shoe store.  It’s a stress  reliever, a mood lifter, a destination, and you always leave happy. David covers all areas of the map: national, regional, and  even more stores.

Steve from The Sneeze – As his site says: half zine, half blog, half not good with fractions. Check out Steve, Don’t Eat It!

Rebecca from Ezra Pound Cake – I am not sure there is a recipe I don’t like on her blog. This is rare. It’s all food people want to eat. Her blog name is great, and her last name is almost crumpet. Mmm crumpets. Rebecca’s photos rock, and she has a good sense of humor. She reminds you food should be fun.

The Urban Spork – An all-encompassing great site. Good writing, photos, and recipes.

Kristy from The Wicked Noodle – Creator of refrigerator soup, (Kristy recently handed over the reigns), her site is full of unpretentious recipes that you want to make, eat, and share.

Paul from The Basics – Food, beverage, travel, home, and my favorite – a much-needed and welcomed mention of  proper etiquette, which is rapidly disappearing in this country. I can’t tell you how many times I have dined out and seen people with their shoes off and their feet up on the seat. Shudder. Thanks Paul.

Ali from Three Baking Sheets to the Wind – Her pictures are so comforting to me. Ali shows such originality, amazing artistic ability, and care. Her passions are baking and craft beer, and she incorporates movies into her food world. A girl after my own heart.

Don from Wood-fired Kitchen – Do you know those days when it feels like a hot chocolate day? That’s what Don’s site makes me feel like. I have oven envy. One of my favorite things is when people blog for themselves and the people they connect with, not to make money or to get a book deal. That being said, I think Don should make money and get a book deal 🙂

Cristina from From Ba to Paris – I admire anyone who can appreciate her surroundings and take great joy in them, and Cristina does this in droves. It shows in her pictures, stories, and recipes. She makes exclamation points somehow charming.

Jonathan from Wasted Food – While enjoying food and the process of buying, preparing, and eating it, most importantly we should be educated on where it comes from, who produces it, the waste it produces, knowing and helping those that go without food, and being aware of our responsibilities as consumers. Jonathan is passionate about our impact and provides an array of interesting stories to help you stay informed.

Thanks to all of you, and the many others that inspire and teach me, hopefully for a very long time to come.

I forgot the best part!
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