It’s technically Canada’s freedom to read week, but books don’t discriminate. For more information go to I think we need books as much as we need food to live, which is why I treated myself to this book even though I might not have toothpaste at the end of the month. One of my friends who was a dental hygienist, but now lives a sweet life in Hawai`i, told me you can brush your teeth with your finger if you want to. Flossing is really all that matters. No one really flosses regularly. Do they? Even doctors smoke. Okay, maybe twice a month, so you don’t feel guilty for growing up in a home that your single mom worked to provide, and not in the woods. You can take 30 seconds and ten cents. Or you can take thirty minutes and make this amazing Filets de Soul Drouant.

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Personal inscriptions used to make me contemplate buying a book and leave me with a feeling of dejection.  Someone bought a book with someone in mind thirty years ago and wrote a personal message to them. Not just “Have a good Christmas June”, but “Thank you for your kindness. This made me think of you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy you. Love, Bird.” Or something to that effect. I started to think I have to rescue these warm thoughts. They may not be mine. I still haven’t brought myself to write in a book. But I have learned to embrace those that have.