My fiance enjoys these little pork pockets so much, he would consider them legal tender. And since they can sometimes cost a small fortune, they are something I like to make at home. They seem indulgent because they’re something you usually only have when dining out. You may hear they are time consuming to make, and patience is required. Not true. While I do have more patience with food than say most people, I like to enjoy the cooking process without needing a personality trait as a pre-requisite. These dumplings didn’t give
me any trouble. You can substitute shrimp for the pork, and add a little lemongrass to the dipping sauce if you’d like. Overnight chilling is preferred. The flavors marry instead of just going steady (8 hrs chilled), or on a date (30min chilled). I enjoy my potstickers a little on the dark side as you can see, so don’t be alarmed by the color. You can adjust your cooking times to fit your taste. The dipping sauce is also simple, but fantastic. You will surely find other uses for it. Coincidentally my craving for these came just in time for Chinese New Year (Feb. 14th)