Even though I own a copy, there are still some books I pick up at used book stores to give as gifts, or use as a replacement in case my copy burns, or is washed away in a flood. Really I just can’t stand the thought of letting such a great book sit lonely on a shelf. I know it’s around other books, but a good book needs a good home. There are few things that make a home cozier than a pot of soup or stew simmering away, while you finish up the day’s tasks, and pop open a bottle of your favorite beer, or wine. Below is one of those books, and a few of my favorite recipes. Pictured to the left is my favorite beef stew. Make a pot of your favorite while the chill is still with us.
Bernard Clayton’s New Complete Book of Breads and Stews will get you making bread with your soup in no time. A few soup and stew highlights are: Ragout of Oxtail, Philadelphia Pepper Pot, Chicken Lemon, Southern New England Clam Chowder, Barley Prosciutto, U.S. Senate Bean, Black Bean, and Mrs. London’s Vegetable.